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COVID UPDATE: We LOVE bringing our animals to you. The current policy of STAY HOME and FLATTEN THE CURVE will not allow us to do that.
ACTUALLY, we can remotely bring our animals to you. Please check out our Fantasy Farm Friends site with new options on visiting with us through your phone, computer, tv. Personal, Family Remote Gatherings and Corporate Critters at Video Conferences. We can bring a smile! See our www.FantasyFarmFriends.ca website for options and booking. www.Calendly.com/CritterVisits will help you plan.

There is Something for Everyone with a Custom Critter Visit! Enjoy an assortment of farm animals from Woolley Wonderland Farm at your location!

all ages
CLICK at the bottom to see the information most applicable to your needs!
All bookings require a 50% deposit to hold your date.

See PRICING schedule for details.
HST will be charged on all bookings.

Our pens, fences and gates can be arranged in many sizes for total flexibility.


Our team will arrive ahead of your appointment and set up inside or outside (weather dependent … and with the health and safety of the animals always in mind)

INDOOR EVENTS: Tarps are set down to protect the floor then laid with a bed of straw or hay. See-through gates create a Critter Zone and the animals are brought into the area.
Your guests are introduced to the Critter Collection and then invited in to visit with them in appropriate-sized groups.


OUTSIDE EVENTS: Our team works with your co-ordinator to find the best location for the season - shade for the heat of the day, or a warm sunny spot, out of the wind if the temperatures are cooler.
The gates are set up and Critters set inside the area. Sometimes our larger animals can be led around on a leash as a treat for the guest of honour and their friends.
Guests are invited into the pens to spend time with the Critters - to hold and cuddle - to pet and to enjoy their unique personalities.


The area required is dependent on the Critter Collection we bring, from the base collection - guaranteeing at least 5 varieties of animals using about 10 feet by 6 feet, to a very large event where we pull out the stops and bring 2 vehicles along with all Critter Buddies and Critters we can squeeze in.

We have set up in living rooms, dining rooms and basements of homes, inside activity rooms of Seniors' Homes as well as in gardens, parks, apartment rooftops, library common areas, gyms, classrooms and atriums.
We're pretty flexible but will need to discuss access issues like stairs, elevators and distance from the doors. We request parking as close to the entry door as possible or at least temporary access with a vehicle for loading and unloading.
We do our best to ensure the space is tidy when we leave. Inside: straw gets tracked and we can't clean up every bit. Outside: pigs will dig and animals will, well, … YOU know.
It will be your job to sanitize the area to your own satisfaction once we leave the site.
Please advise your plan A and plan B locations (outside and inside) when booking and let us know the floor or ground cover for your area.
fall library

YOU will be required to have a hand-washing station or hand sanitizer for your group and ensure they follow the hygiene rules before returning to their normal day. From pumps of alcohol to a bucket of soapy water with a towel, it is your choice on what you offer your guests. We'll do our best to educate and remind, even with signs, but we put this very important step in your hands.

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