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For Day Care Centres
Super Circle Time, plus hands-on time for the wee ones will make your day. It's a challenge to provide an outing with the age range of children in a day care, and there are only so many walks you can take in your area before you have discovered all the parks and trees and squirrels. Invite Farmer Karen and the Critters for a time of wonder and song.

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Karen can begin with a super sing-along time for about 15 to 20 minutes. She'll lead the group in finger plays as well as getting some of the heebee jeebies out with jumping rhymes as well. Some of the list includes: I Had A Little Chicken, Five Little Ducks, Down In The Barnyard, I Had A Rooster, Here's A Little Puppy, Sleeping Bunnies, B-I-N-G-O, I Had A Little Turtle or Take A Little Rain.
Following the Sing-Along time, Farmer Karen will review the importance of hygiene and hand washing as well as how to handle the animals. Additional fees apply for sing-a-long option

We recommend a 3:1 ratio of children to staff, and your children will take turns visiting the pen of animals with your staff. They can pet and hold the bunnies, chicks, lambs, piggies and goats. We'll take our time to let wee hands explore the textures and features of the various farm friends. Be sure to have the cameras ready to capture those smiles and do call the media if you want to highlight your amazing experience and your fabulous facility.

baby ducks
I know there will be stories to take home that evening for dinner conversation, no matter how young the child.
Consider the value of an In-House visit without the worries of travel to an off-site location and requiring transport, parental helpers and the fees involved for such things.

We will try to set up outside in a grassy area but since we come, rain or shine, be prepared to have us set up in a classroom, gym or atrium. We can book any month of the year but do submit your request in early to get your preferred date.


For Camps: March Break Events, Summer Camp, PD Days
Critter Visits can round out your theme - nature, animals, farm, ho-down, environmental, food or just plain fun.
We'll bring our farm animals and set up our enclosure inside or outside any time of the year. We will customize the chat with your campers based on your theme or needs.

Be sure to book early to get the dates and times you prefer. Be that value-added camp by having the Critters of Woolley Wonderland Farm at your event.


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