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Taking the lead in Critter Visits, you'll meet Karen most every time the Critters are out at an event or party. She's the one who leads the sing-along with farm songs, and then introduces you to the collection of Critters of the Day.
Karen has been farming at Woolley Wonderland since the spring of 2000 with her wonderful husband Farmer Glenn. She has been a virtual stay-at-home mom with her Music For Moppets circle-time play groups (retiring fall 2019.)
From momtrepreneur ... she put together the CRITTER VISIT original format that blended the animal petting time with singing and rhyming.
From a city girl with country deep inside, she's taken to the beauty and solace of country living like a duck to water. Joining the local Womans Institute for a while and participating in the community centre events in Lakehurst, Karen tries to "give back" to the community that has welcomed their family as a local. She loves sharing the joy of family, music and critters.
She also manages the HATCHING program with incubators and eggs going into classrooms, senior's homes and private homes. You too can experience the miracle of watching an egg hatch! Click on the EGG HATCHING link for more information.

Meet Fiona and Glenn - the other Woolley Ones

Since 2002, Fiona has been a joy and blessing to the Woolley Family. She took right to the animals and has been hanging out in the barn cuddling her favourite Critters for years. She helped bottle feed them when she was a toddler and chased the sheep away from frightened teenagers who got "trapped" in the barn.

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She has shown her livestock at several fall fairs in the area coming home with a great collection of ribbons, trophys and cash to invest in her own prized birds. We're proud to have Fiona on the road with us for Critter Visits as she shares her knowledge about her farm and animals with guests. She's a super helper on and off the property from haying and helping, to just chatting with the chickens. What a great job to have as a teen! Now driving herself, you may find her as the lead of your next Critter Visit! She's Farmer Woolley when Thrive Kids logs on for a weekly farm visit. She will be taking the lead with our Virtual Farm Tours during the days of COVID 2020. She also manages our social media!


Farmer Glenn was a city boy until he bought the farm. From 1999, it was about growing and developing Woolley Wonderland Farm into a place of peace and beauty with the hopes of making some profit. Our sheep production has served us well over the years and with Critter Visits our current focus, the variety of livestock is as large as ever. Glenn is lead man on barn duty and creates new ways to keep our breeds happy and safe in pens, with feed solutions and breeding areas. Woolley Wonderland Farm takes up some of his after-work hours (in a call centre for an airline) but there is always time for family and board-game nights at the farm!

Meet our Farm Helpers: Sometimes we call on our Farm Buddies to join us for a Critter Visit. While Karen sings, the critters need some T.L.C. and to be watched over for predators - even in the city. Introducing some of our Farm Buddies!


pig in hand

When school is not in, Fiona takes the Critters to homes and community events. Be sure to ask her the names of the animals - she knows them all!



Long time farm buddy, Andria has been at the sheep shearing as well as coming to keep the critters company. She'll be happy to get the answer for you about all the Critters so don't be shy. Mom of two lovely girls, Andria is a proud Guider as well.


New Buddies

Our team keeps growing with occasional and long term staff including: Stacey, Kristy, Travis, Marissa, Stephanie, Nathaniel, and ....

We're so excited that we are busy enough to have additional helpers on call for larger events. We do our best not to say "no" to any event and have 3 teams on the road now. BUT do book early as not to be disappointed!

Join Our Team

Volunteer at one of our larger events or if you're in for the long haul, email and tell us about yourself. You never know when we need a helper at the farm or on the road trips!

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