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*Fees Notes

*Note: All fees charged are subject to standard 13% HST
(HST # 782853493RT0001).
All Critter Visits location events are subject to a Travel Surcharge of $1.10 per Km from Lakehurst Ontario to your address, plus applicable tolls.
Contact us for more information.

Foster Ducklings Information
$140 for the first 2 ducklings and $25 for each additional DUCKIE.
Heat Lamps on Loan: $25
Rabbit Cage or Crate on Loan: $25
Most clients pick up their Foster Ducklings from our farm in Lakehurst Ontario North of Peterborough.
We currently offer a delivery service to the GTA with Lorne. He will provide a quote for you if you email your request and addressl to: duckdelivery@bell.net

For Spring and Summer 2021:
We intend to provide our usual delivery service when the Province allows the All-Clear from isolation. We would be pleased to provide you with a firm quote for your booking.
For Spring Ducklings on Easter Weekend in 2021, you can book an experience with 2 or 4 or more baby ducklings to live at your location. Our kit will includes, “duck gatorade” , food, dishes, shavings and instruction book. Additional fees apply for a cage, tote and heat lamp if you wish to rent them.
OUR USUAL booking cut off date is VALENTINES DAY to have ducklings by Easter. RESERVE EARLY. The program is restricted to our Professional Photographers prior to Easter Week to allow them to build their bookings for Spring Minis.
Fostering of Ducklings is available after Easter and through the spring and summer 2021 and beyond. Delivery fees will apply. Our booking tool will provide you with dates and pricing.

NOW BOOKING for 2021... Be sure to mark it on your calendar for Easter 2021 and RESERVE by VALENTINES DAY 2021!

Please contact us directly to discuss any special event details and customized pricing.

HATCHING option:
Use our online booking tool to reserve the next available incubator kit or kits. Schools are welcome to reserve more than one at a time to share the delivery fees across several classes.
The Chick Hatching experience fee is $120 for chicks. Contact us for the exact delivery fee from Lakehurst Ontario to your address including applicable tolls. Each incubator rental will require one delivery and one pick up.hatching eggs
The complete incubator kit provides the experience for you and your residents to count down to hatch day and then enjoy the wee chicks for a week or so after.
The kit includes: incubator, thermo and humidity meters, automatic turner, chicken hatching eggs, plastic mesh and water tray, instruction manual, book, food, food dish, water dish and “duck gatorade” supplement, funnel, marbles for water, brooder bin, shavings and one heat lamp. It is all you need to enjoy the complete chicken hatch experience.

The Duck Hatching experience fee is $200. Contact us for the exact delivery fee from Lakehurst Ontario to your address including applicable tolls. Each incubator rental will require one delivery and one pick up.
The complete incubator kit arrives provides the experience for you to count down to hatch day and then enjoy the sweet ducklings for a week or so.
The Duck kit includes: incubator, thermo and humidity meters, automatic turner, duck hatching eggs, plastic mesh and water tray, instruction manual, food, food dish, water dish and “duck gatorade”, funnel, spritzer bottle, brooder bin, shavings and one heat lamp. It is all you need to enjoy the complete duck hatch experience.

For (POST COVID) future events, know that Critter Visits are properly insured for our programs at your home, school or gathering. We reserve the right to limit the number of visitors in the area. Visits can be customized with additional time to allow for larger groups. Groups consist of up to 10 people.
Additional guests are welcome by having a second Critter Buddy on-site to help with the crowd.
No other pets or animals are allowed in the area during our visit.
Agreement and invoice with all details will be sent upon request.
All event fees quoted are pre HST, which will be added to the total.

PRICING SCHEDULE for 2020 (subject to change
Incubator rental fees must be paid in full, in advance, to reserve your hatching experience.

Critter Visit event bookings are held with a 50% non-refundable deposit.

Fees are payable by internet money transfer (email transfer), MasterCard, Visa OR posting a cheque in the mail.
Events are held rain or shine so please have a suitable location available in case of inclement weather. We do not hold a second date in case of bad weather.

CHANGE OF DATE For Events: There is a 15% Date Change fee, if there is a mutually acceptable date open within 5 months of the original booking.
Refunds Policy: Incubator Rentals are non-refundable and non-transferable outside of the School or Retirement Residence which made the booking.
Critter Visit Event Deposits (50% of the full booking fee) are non-refundable.
Critter Visit Programs, such as the Foster Duckling, Foster Bunny, Photographer Critters and Zoom Meetings may be refunded up to 50% with just cause, or upon the discretion of Critter Visits Management.

Birthday's and Celebrations 2020(subject to change)
One hour for up to 10 guests: $225*
Need 30 minutes more Critter Time?
(if you get a larger crowd, more time may be required) Cost is $150 to $225 extra.
Pony, donkey, alpaca or baby cow: can come along for an additional fee (please ask for a firm quote)
How about a UNICORN?
birthdayOur magical ponies sport a glittering horn with rainbow manes and tails. Brush their backs and necks for one on one time with these gentle minis.
Fantasy Farm Friends has a closet of costumes and accent pieces for our farm animals to wear. There are a variety of themes from sports, super heros and licensed characters you know and love. We can pretty them up or accent to a special colour palette of your choice.

Custom prices for unique events will be quoted in co-ordination with the board, host or team running the event. We can pull out all the stops and bring a large collection of our animals for large Fairs, Exhibitions, Fund Raising or Community Celebrations. Talk to us about non-profit tax donations in-kind receipts in leu of partial payment to help with your budget.

SCHOOLSschool kindergarten
Discounts for multi bookings on same day at same location (for more than one class).
Best Buy: FULL DAY 9 am to 3:30 pm: $1000*
Consider including time with the Day Care at your location for a Critter Time and share the cost with them too!
Includes 1 hour of Critter Visiting time.
From $200 per session.
PLEASE contact us to get a firm quote for your location today.

MONTHLY single breed option... $95*.
Our Critter Buddy spends one hour with your group sharing information about one of the miniature breeds. We usually bring several critters along to watch and allow time with the residents to hold and pet around the circle. A calm way to spend a morning or afternoon. Great to look forward to!
senior moment
ANNUAL CELEBRATION or FAMILY CELEBRATION option: from $250 for the first hour, then we can customize for a longer stay. Additional Critter Buddy helper Fee may be required.

JUST BECAUSE option: $250*
Sometimes we do things for our residents because they need a treat. This option brings the whole Critter Visit collection to you for an hour, with two Critter Buddies to walk about a main room, bringing the smaller Critters into their laps or big Critters up to their sides. They will pet and meet up close.

Teachers Gift Ideas
Ontario certainly appreciates our teachers, EA’s and support staff more than ever. Consider a GIFT CERTIFICATE from Critter Visits for Christmas or an end of the year gratitude present. Whether it's a group of you, or just a family or two wanting to show their appreciation for the teacher… we can create a custom certificate for you.
Select from a FULL Critter Visit for the classroom (or even for more than one class on the same day) to the incubator and hatching program for an in-class treat.
We will send you a PDF file customized with the teacher's name that you can PRINT on fancy paper and present as the gift. The teacher can then contact us to book the date that works best for them and fits our schedule.
Certificates are good for up to 9 months from purchase date and are good for the teacher listed only.
Prices begin at $120* for the Incubator Hatching Program (plus pick-up and delivery) and from $200* for the in-school Critter Visit that can include a farm sing-along for a one-hour time of farm fun.
Contact us today and say THANKS in a memorable way this year.
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