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We love visiting the community through the Libraries.
Parents flock to your building with kids of all ages when the Critters are visiting town. Seniors join the fun and stories are shared too.
Literacy-based songs and finger plays bring Libraries ALIVE.
What a way to make stories come to life - hosted by Farmer Fiona or Farmer Karen. Mrs. Tiggliewinkle, Make Way for Ducklings, Amos' Sweater, Little Red Hen and other classics can be read during the story times that lead up to your fun event. Pre-school storytime will be a huge hit with the critters from Woolley Wonderland paying a visit.
Karen or Fiona start with a 20 minute rhyme and sing-along time to get the group going. Families then join the pens of critters to wrap up their time together.
circle time
Struggling to entice older children back in the doors …. perhaps on a weekend? Book a Critter Visit as a reward for a reading challenge for your special guests, or open it to the entire community.
We will work with you to build the program with content best suited to your needs. How about a Super Circle Time plus Critter Time? Why not extend the time slot to allow all your patrons a great visit with the Critters from Woolley Wonderland?

Custom library visits follow school pricing and WILL require a CRITTER BUDDY unless you limit the size of your group to under 20. We find that most libraries use a drop-in session and thus the crowd size is not known - and they're delighted when 50 show up.
We can set up inside for any season and love being outside if the weather permits. If you have limited space please discuss this upon your booking.

Please contact us for Weekday or Weekend bookings all year around.
Require a reference? Please contact any of the City of Kawartha Lakes branches for reviews on our programs …. We're back every year as we bring in the crowds.
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