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Chicks: We often have various chicks from days olds to almost fully feathered for sale. Make an appointment to come by to select the cuties to start your flock. From $10 to $20 by breed. Hatchings all year around

Laying Hens: We are SOLD OUT for 2020 with our Laying hens. and to almost ready-to-lay gals are ready for your backyard or hen house. They have egg shells from pink and peachy to turquoise and olive and brown. Most customers pick their favourite coloured bird and go from there! Fancy varieties include Bantam Cochin, Silkies and Frizzle or Sizzles. Easter Eggers and others are also avaialble. CHICKS ONLY for 2020: From $10 to $25

Well feathered Khaki Campbells and Pekins currently available. Crested ducks as well. Some younger ducks with prices starting at $12 per duck.

Rabbits! Available now Mini Rex, Holland Lop, Lion Heads. Sweet and snuggled often, you'll love one of our bunnies to join your family. Come by to select one of your favourites.

Nigerian Dwarf Goats (registered and non-registered): Wethers are male goats that are disbudded and banded (fixed) and ready for homes.
Does are usually reserved immediately after birth. Contact us to be put on a waiting list.
NEW miniature Southdown Babydoll Sheep! Now taking names for waiting list for our spring lambing.

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