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Schools Clamour for Amazing Teaching Moments

Teachers are worth their weight in GOLD! COVID 2020 has Ontario appreciating School staff like never before. Google Classroom are being graced with families participating in our Foster Duckling and Foster Bunny program this year. There is still time to register for either program.

Elementary Schools: The Separate and Public teachers enjoy this Class Trip without leaving the School! And we travel all over Ontario so don't hesitate to ask.
With our youngest of kindergarten kids, transitioning is sometimes difficult and long bus rides to a farm can add expenses outside of the budgets. Critter Visits allows you to plan a one-hour block of time right in your room, gymnasium or atrium.
No lost lunches, transitioning issues or wandering children outside their comfort zone! With new regulations from School Boards, there are some zone not allowing trips off site. We can solve that issue and come to you! We are a preferred supplier with the TDSB. Serving the education community for more than a decade.
With larger elementary schools, it's our pleasure to spend the better part of a day sharing with many classes. By special request, a Farm Circle Time is hosted by Farmer Karen or Fiona. We lead your kiddos with rhymes and songs. (Literacy, Numeracy, Music) We usually double up the classes for Circle time before each class visits with the animals in smaller groups.
We limit group sizes to allow that intimate time to handle the Critters, to ask questions and to hear ALL the great stories that students love to tell.
laughing special sudents
The students with unique abilities are wow'd by the animal therapy time and we can spend some one-on-one time with these students to quietly meet a few of the critters. We're so happy to work this into our schedule of the day.

Critters love to spend a full day at one school! This offers the best rates and allows many classes to have the experience.
Whether paid for by the parents, parent council or by a fund raising event, the Critter Visit is a perfect way to have a Class Trip without the hassles!

No Fuss …. No Bussing! No lost lunches! No parent volunteers needed! No missing permission slips!
Lots of time for questions to Farmer Karen or one of our Critter Buddy staff about life on the farm.
Lots of inspiration for creative writing projects, drawings and art as well as stories to take home for dinner time.

Teachers are encouraged to build excitement by reading fabulous age-appropriate storybooks like Amos's Sweater or Make Way For Ducklings. Pull from the classics or head for the new classics like Click-Clack-Moo!
Students could use their imaginations to create a farmyard collage or draw their favourite animals in chalk on a red barn background.
Write a poem or word story about a Critter they met. Make puppets and tell farm stories like The Little Red Hen or The Three Little Pigs or Three Billy Goats Gruff.
Move like a galloping pony. Pretend to hatch out of an egg as you stretch and push that shell open. Dramatic and Movement sessions get the imagination going
Stretch out the experience over a week or more!

Your ONE HOUR SESSION can begin with Farmer Woolley in the classroom. She'll introduce herself and tell a bit about her farm before starting with the Woolley Wonderland Farm song. Here you'll echo along the chorus with fun actions and hear about farm life in the verses.
Farmer Woolley then rolls through a selection of her favourite farm and animal songs and rhymes. There are many to select from and she'll customize the repertoire for the group. There is always a leave-behind song or rhyme that the class will pick as a new favourite. Some of the list includes:
I Had A Little Chicken, Five Little Ducks, Down In The Barnyard, I Had A Rooster, Here's A Little Puppy, Sleeping Bunnies, B-I-N-G-O, I Had A Little Turtle or Take A Little Rain.
Following the 20 to 25 minute Sing-Along time, Farmer Woolley reviews the importance of hygiene and hand washing (we are getting REALLY good at this in 2020) as well as how to handle the animals. (Extra fees apply for Sing-Along Option)

Students and Teachers will then be introduced to the Critters of Woolley Wonderland Farm.
We would have arrived earlier and set up our pens inside or outside to be ready!

The Students will take turns getting right inside the pen if they wish, down in the straw or in the grass; to hold, pet, cuddle and enjoy the sweet Critters. Farmer Woolley and her farm helper will be right in there to answer your questions and to help in picking up the animals. We may have baby chicks or just hatched ducklings on hand as well for children to gently hold in their hands. We'll compare noses and toes-es as well as the coverings on the backs of the animals. Be sure to ask what they eat and where they sleep!
After a reminder of the hand washing required before returning to class, students wave so-long to the Critters and are sure to have stories at their dinner table that night.

picking critter cards
And did we mention our Collector Critter Cards? Each guest will select two with photos of their favourite animals and a fun fact about the breed.

Curriculum Linked!
Critter Visits have many connections to the base program teachers work with and allows for a variety of ways to incorporate lessons all year around.

Curriculum requires planned observation, a sense of connection and engagement with the environment, to explore and investigate, role play, story telling, sharing findings, listening! We are SO there!

Music Memories! Music and language continue to be supported by adding new songs to the classroom repertoire through enjoyment of the flow of language in song and fun of rhymes with actions.

Literacy Rules! Whether it is the story that classroom leaders use to build excitement prior to the Critters or using library visits and reading buddies in the days that follow, there are so many books with a farm-animal theme from classics to the newly published.
The unique offering of incorporating the Circle Time with the Critter Time adds new finger plays and rhymes as well as super sing-along songs into the experience. Oral language is developed through the repetition of rhymes, and recalling lyrics during an echo song encourages participation.

Grade 1 and 2 students are still wanting to sing along …. we'll find some great echo songs and put a twist on classics to get them participating. The Critter Time will be a highlight of their year as well - matching life-cycle and biology lessons with the hands-on experience.

Don't forget to add the Critter-Only time for some of your OLDER students …. have a creative writing contest across the school for a chance to win Critter Time - bringing together the whole school with a farmyard spin.

Casa and Montessori Learning
Work with Farmer Woolley to build a set of songs and rhymes to your current learning plan and allow your children to enhance the classroom time with the animals. We use indoor or outdoor facilities and provide an experience like no other. What a perfect way to take the farm into the classroom and experience it up-close and personally. We're on hand to answer the questions your students have about the reason animals are shaped or feathered a certain way, and quiz them on why the babies may look different than the parents or why the coat of a goat is like a dog rather than a pig or chicken! We let the group guide the discussions and encourage storytelling in the pen while they enjoy the 30-minutes of animal time.
Woolley's LOVE music to round out the one-hour visit. By starting with songs and rhymes, the students gear-up with their inquisitive nature and get thinking about the sounds the animals make and how they react with one another. It's what makes Critter Visits original and a memorable part of their school year.
We encourage more than one class to share this experience and provide savings with double or triple bookings on the same day at the same location.
Teachers of older students are also welcome to add 30-minute sessions of Critter Time … We wouldn't want them left out of such a treat.

Remember to plan ahead and participate in a HATCHING PROGRAM a month before!
Your students can monitor an incubator and observe chicken eggs hatching in the classroom. After a week of enjoying the chicks, Karen can time the chick pick-up with a Critter Visit and bring them all back to the farm to live!
CLICK on the HATCHING PROGRAM link for full details and pricing.

Private Schools and Home Schoolers: The experiences with our various school friends show a passion for learning and questions to enrich the curriculum taught at private schools. Students in smaller classes can combine to the maximum recommended level of 25 for each session. Songs and rhymes will boost their repertoire to begin our time together.
Meeting the Critters in class or in your play area provides the complete experience. We encourage questions about how our animals live and where food from your table comes from!
This is an up-close and personal time to handle baby chicks, ducklings, piggies and lambs makes for a yearbook photo opportunity too!
Older students can have a booked time to discover our Critters - without the circle time. Book early to discover ways to weave the experience into your lesson plans.

High School Students have booked us as rewards for contests and fun raising goals met. Pick one breed to take over your class. Use our Critter collection as a kick-off for orientation week to make the newest studento's feel comfort as they snuggle wee Critters.
We've celebrated hitting goals as students make a difference around the globe. Purchase chickens for a third world country through fund raising and have REAL CHICKENS with funky feathers visit the class. Miniature Goats produce amazing quanities of milk with a small environmental footprint. Raise funds to help others far away and mark your generousity with a group of kids and Nigerian Dwarf goats to fall in love with.
EXAMS! END of the YEAR! Graduation! Stressful times for teens can have some of that anxiety melted as they have a wee chick, bunny or goat rest in their arms for a while. You will be amazed at the smiles and squeals (but not from the piggies).
University Students need that break too.
De-stressing before mid-terms or finals can happen when all the breeds of Critters come to campus. "This is the best day EVER!" has been heard year-after-year at our sessions. Selfies with sheep become the home screen and will remind students of a special moment of joy.
Orientation Week brings youth from far and wide to a new city with new experiences on the horizon. It is overwhelming. Critter Visits can ease that stress as students relax with farm animals. Some may be a taste of home life, some may be holding a lamb in their arms for the first time ever. No matter the circumstance, we know it will start their UNI life with a special memory.

This is an up-close and personal time to handle baby chicks, ducklings, piggies and lambs makes for a yearbook photo opportunity too!
Older students can have a booked time to discover our Critters - without the circle time. Book early to discover ways to weave the experience into your lesson plans.

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