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Seniors' and Retirement Home Folk Love To Cuddle Critters
Just for your residents …. Jazz up a lazy afternoon as we set up a schedule of critters to visit with your residents.
Our programs include:
MONTHLY single-breed option

Residents love to look forward to fun and we offer the Monthly Single Breed option.
Perhaps a lamb one month and ducklings the next, Woolley Wonderland Farm, will be sure not to overwhelm your clients but allow a gentle time to share the Critters over a series of weeks. Working with your staff and space, Critter Visits will become a special occasion and something to really look forward to. There is nothing more calming than a wee lamb snoozing in a lap or a tiny chick in the palm of your hand saying hello … and bringing back a memory or two. Contact Karen to discuss how we can build a program to suit your clients and space. Prices begin at $90 per visit for one hour (plus travel surcharge and HST) with one breed of animal for a regular monthly visit.

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You can time a Critter Visit with just the residents in mind, allowing them to share the full collection of Critters for one hour. Here Karen and a Critter Buddy will bring in a pen of Critters and take time with your staff to bring them around the circle of residents, allowing them to be held in their laps. We can hold Critters beside a wheelchair and bring the animals up close to a resident if that is more comfortable as well. We work with the staff to make the experience one of the best and we know they'll talk about it for months to come. (They're still talking from last spring and summer!)

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Some residents just enjoy watching the enclosure of Critters as they play about. I suspect the staff enjoys it as much as the residents do! Sometimes we do things for our residents because they need a treat. This option brings the whole Critter Visit collection to you for an hour with two Critter Buddies to walk about a main room, bringing the Critters into their laps or up to their sides to let them pet and meet up close.

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For residents, guests and families too: Visiting your clients can be hard on families, so why not provide a day where they have a common love of animals to share! From great grandchildren meeting their first goat, to a super story of a day on the farm from a long time ago …. the Critter Visit can bridge generations. We can join you for a regular spring or summer session or perhaps the anniversary of your residence. Book a full Critter Collection with our Critter Buddies on hand. We come all year around!

spring ducklings
BOOKING NOW for spring 2021
When Spring comes, there is nothing like baby animals to provide joy with the experience of watching them grow, examining the fuzz of a duckling, watching them swim for the first time.

No stress about hatching with this easy program in time for spring.
Available only from Easter Week on, you can have a pair of day old ducklings in your home, or more!
You'll have to keep them warm, providing a draft free area, and you will need a tote, large cage or even a box for them to be safe.

We will provide you with:
2 or more baby ducklings - you can order a couple or several
Food for 2 weeks
Water supplement (duckling gatorade) with vitamins to drink
Water and Food Dishes

Ducks love to splash and swim so a waterproof bin is best. We find that setting their drinking water inside a larger pan helps to keep the mess down.
Ducklings swim by instinct and can on the day you get them but remember to only leave them in the water for 5 minutes on day one. You can increase the time as the week goes on. Mother Duck would transfer the oils from her feathers to the babies for water resistance. With no mama duck, they do get waterlogged. DUCKS MUST ALWAYS be supervised with swimming time.
The ducks will double in size over the first week and again in the second week. Honestly!
When you're done, we meet up to take the ducks back to live on the farm.
Our ducks are usually Pekins … yellow as ducklings with tiny peeps and grow into the white duck with orange beaks and legs.
We sometimes get other breeds such as Indian Runners, Khaki Campbell and even fancy Crested Ducks and miniature ones too.

hatching eggs
The complete incubator kit arrives to allow your residents to count down to hatch day and then enjoy the wee chicks for a week or so. You can Hatch a clutch of eggs as well - marking the days to the event. Click on the HATCHING PROGRAM link for more information.

Click to the FEES section for pricing or please contact us to discuss any special event details and customized pricing
All bookings and incubator rentals now include HST

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