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Fostering Duckings: A Family Experience!
Click Here for our FAQ (Answers to Frequently Asked Questions)
Fostering duckings in your home!
Joy and giggles, laughter and squeals of delight. These are the typical reaction as families use our contact-free pick-up of the tiny ducklings at our farm.
Woolley Wonderland Farm in Lakehurst, Ontario is the location for all pick-ups and returns for this program.
Perhaps you're a parent needing an idea for home learning with your elementary kiddos, or wanting to help a tween or teen dealing with isolation. Fostering a pair or more of baby ducklings has become a phenomenon. With the returning ducks, comes stories of how caring for ducklings brings together science and nature studies, empathy and nurturing, socializing and imprinting, compassion, caring and love.

-"My 15-year old is getting up every morning now to say hello to her duck!"

-"Just a note to say these ducklings are amazing. animal therapy + science class + learning empathy in real time ... fascinating to watch them ...
thank you karen!!"

We've made birthdays more joyful, and turned tears of woe into tears of wow!


You will select from 2 or more incubator-hatched ducklings for your kit. We provide everything you will need for one, two, three or more weeks.
FEES for the Fostering 2 to 5 baby ducklings for your family are outlined with the information on the Booking page
This includes our comprehensive manual with detailed instructions and answers to questions like: Do duckies sleep? Does the heat lamp stay on all the time? What else do they eat? Do they poop a lot? (No suspense here, the answer is yes!) What is a duck diaper? Can we go outside? And more…

When will I get my ducklings?

If you have used our on-line booking, you are now in the queue (What? Not booked yet? Quick! Click and get that done!).
Email is the most efficient way we communicate with all our clients. Watch your inbox (and junk mail) for the note to COME AND GET your DUCKLINGS! We curently have little to no wait time for ducklings to be placed into your hands.
Our ducks are usually Pekins, yellow as ducklings with tiny peeps which grow into white ducks with orange beaks and legs.
We sometimes get other breeds such as Indian Runners, Khaki Campbell, shiny Cayugas, fancy Crested Ducks, miniature Call Ducks and the occasional Goslings too, depending on what is available each hatch day. (CHICKS FLY TOO FAST for longer-term stays so we are fostering DUCKLINGS THIS YEAR)

To prepare for duckling pickup: 

While you await your confirmation, the kiddos can begin to research about baby ducklings habits, needs and how they grow. We have seen lovely boxes decorated to hold the duckies for their trip home (a shoebox size is big enough), a homemade wooden duckling house, and colouring pictures to welcome duckies. Some children even name their new friends before they even arrive as part of the excitement and anticipation.
We will supply a plastic bin / tote. You can find something larger if they outgrow this first plan. Provide a safe draft-free area, away from pets. They live inside for the first while with short trips outside on nice sunny days or rainy ducky days. No matter if they are on land or in water, DUCKS MUST ALWAYS be supervised by a responsible person.

We suggest a heat lamp or a desk lamp with an old-fashioned incandescent bulb for warmth. Don't have one? We have limited quantities of heat lamps and cages for rent with your kit for an additional fee.

We provide you with all you need:

- Baby ducklings - two or more!
- Food for at 3-4 weeks
- "Duckling Gatorade" vitamin supplement to give the duckies a kick-start in life
- Food and Water Dishes
- Tote plus Bedding of Pine Shavings
- Information Manual with handling tips and FAQ's
- Additional Rental Gear as requested

duckling FAQ
We recommend each family book their own kit but feel free to CAR POOL to the farm. * Ducks love pools! (tee hee)

The ducks WILL double in size over the first week and again in the second week. Honestly! They start out smaller than your closed fist, and grow to the size of a mini-football in less than three weeks. No worries about missing their mama. Ducks are hatched by incubator and may imprint on their foster parents. They'll follow you around too. Your spoiling them will be such an amazing start in life. Did you know that ducklings swim by instinct the day they hatch!?

When you're done…

KEEP the ducklings as long as it works for you: 2 weeks, a month ... or anything in-between.
You are done when the duckies are too big, too loud or too smelly for you, bring them on back to the farm any day from 10AM to 8PM. Someone is always home! Click here for info on what happens to ducklings after they come back.

*In the time of Covid-19, we have developed non-contact procedures to keep everyone safe. Our smooth pick-up and return process has no-direct contact between people. We are doing our part to be healthy and keep that curve FLAT.

Please click on the link to make a FOSTER BOOKING!
We will do our best to accommodate you as quickly as possible.
We are delighted the news is spreading between friends, relatives and neighbours. Thank-you for booking Critter Visits with Woolley Wonderland Farm!

Have you read all our info here and on the booking pages and there's still SOMETHING you wish to know?
Please email your questions to: karen@CritterVisits.ca or if urgent call 705-772-9999 .

Hatching Eggs is fun too! Our incubators are booked quite solidly UNTIL JULY 2020. Click on the Hatching package for more information.

Senior Programs with Duckies
Woolley Wonderland Farm is so missing all our Retirement Clients.
We know it's hard to be so isolated in these weeks. Our hearts are with you. When it's time, we know the lifestyle director will be calling us to book all the great programs including the Fostering of Duckies.
When you are ready, We are ready. Keep in touch! Be Well, Be Safe!
THANK YOU to all the staff at each and every retirement home, seniors home and homes with kiddos and adults with special needs. You are amazing.

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