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Virtual Farm via Zoom


Virtual Farm via Zoom, Google Meet + similar broadcasting products.
We are so excited to know we can talk to people around the world about our farm, to educate, tell stories and show you our mini farm friends live online!
From 15 to 60 minutes, Farmers Fiona, Karen or Glenn will join you and your group for an interactive chat highlighting our Critters. Visits can be scheduled weekly, semi-monthly or to your needs.
We link to you, or we can manage the call and welcome guests to the session. We'll work with your team leader in advance to best set up the theme of the day and work out possible technical bugs. Your co-ordinator will ensure all members are logged-in before reviewing guidelines for participants. (participation, muting microphones, etc).
Our farmer team will then lead the lively discussion and interact with your group. From facts to silly trivia, the tone is set to your needs. Options include working with school curriculum themes, select a breed to focus on, and looking at similar traits between a few Critters. Woolley Farmers will ask questions and bring joy from our farm to you.
Our Critters include: Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Babydoll Sheep, Alpacas, Miniature Donkeys, Shetland Ponies, Funky Chicken breeds, Rabbits, Call Ducks, Ducks, Geese, Cows, Pot Belly Pigs and Guinea Hens. If there is a hatch happening, your group can watch as chicks or ducklings pip and pop out of their shells. When bunnies are born, perhaps your timing will let your group see the smallest of our furry babies. Call back in a few weeks and see their progression! When our kids (goats) and lambs (sheep) arrive, we would love to show them off to you as well. We may be in our studio, outside or in the barn for your call; it's always a happy surprise.
Session Fee:
Session Fees:
$175 for a one-hour interactive Farmer Chat
$65 for a 15-minute quick Farmer Chat
$25 for a virtual POP-IN with critter of your choice
$20 for 20 minutes with Critter of your choice for Read-Along You can book online, stating your preferred date and time in the comment area as you check out
You can email to with your request. We would then send you a detailed invoice. Payment options include credit cards and e-transfers.

Read to the animals

Kiddos may be shy to read to an adult but are known to warm up to a tiny farm friend.
Set up a virtual reading buddy! Your child can pick from our animals including: cows, donkeys, ponies, bunnies, chicks, funky chickens, ducklings or ducks, goats or kids, sheep or lambs, geese or goslings, barn cats or doggos and piggies.
We will find the software link that you prefer plus a date and time to meet online.
The first 10 minutes will have the sound muted so the reader can focus on telling the story. We’ll then turn on the sound so they can interact and read more as they hear the animal sounds.
Twenty minutes of reading fun with your farm friends.
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